The Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish software makes learning Spanish easy and fun. It teaches you Spanish words in the same way that you learned English – with image and word association. This is similar to the immersion approach to learning a language, but Rosetta Stone takes it a step further. This software does not provide any English words or phrases during its lessons. Instead, you learn Spanish for beginners by linking Spanish words that you do not know with pictures of things that you do know. For example, even if you do not know the word "gato," you will recognize a picture of a cat positioned next to the Spanish word.

Rosetta Stone employs a sophisticated speech recognition system, so you learn how to speak Spanish and then practice reading and saying words correctly and get immediate feedback. For some people, these simple tools are all it takes to learn to speak Spanish, all without hearing a single word of English in the instruction. Rosetta Stone is an incredibly simple learning Spanish software that allows you to move quickly through your Spanish education.

Rosetta Stone has a thorough system for tracking your progress and showing your scores on individual exercises. This helps you identify if you are struggling more in pronunciation, writing or another category, and you can then plan to focus on that area. Each lesson is accessible at any time, so you can focus on certain activities or start in the middle of the course if you have some previous Spanish speaking experience.

Rosetta Stone provides a mobile app that allows you to continue learning on the go. This feature is nice because you can still learn Spanish even if you do not have a lot of time to sit down in front of the computer.

Rosetta Stone has the fundamentals down to a science. It gradually introduces vocabulary through picture and word association. Then it presents grammar gradually by further associating the Spanish words and phrases with other pictures. It does not sound simple, but the process is so intuitive you may find yourself doing it without thinking, which is much more enjoyable than studying vocabulary lists and grammar rules.

Rosetta Stone also works on pronunciation and conversation skills by using a speech recognition system. At first, you listen to Spanish words and phrases and write them. Later, you practice saying them and get immediate feedback on your pronunciation and accent. Rosetta Stone focuses on the fundamental sounds common to Spanish words so that you can improve your pronunciation of many words at once.

Rosetta Stone is easy to use. The interactive lessons are intuitive. It is easy to tell between correct and incorrect answers and figure out the purposes of the different activities. In fact, Rosetta Stone is so easy that even though it does not provide any initial information about how to navigate the software, we had no problems and did not have to consult any instructions. If you get lost, Rosetta Stone offers support materials that explain how to use the application.

Rosetta Stone offers an online version of the application as well. This is quite convenient because you can access it and learn Spanish words anywhere you have an internet connection.

The basic application begins by showing you four images at once. You listen to a Spanish pronunciation and then pick the corresponding picture. Rosetta Stone has thousands of pictures in its database to represent a broad range of Spanish words.

The writing tool is simple to use. You can either type a word or select Spanish words from a list to make phrases. Rosetta Stone allows you to modify the application to be either strict or lenient when judging your writing attempts.

If you misspell Spanish words, the software highlights the incorrect letters and lets you fix your mistake. To add common accent marks to written Spanish words, the application offers a keyboard representation on the screen; all you have to do is click the correct accent mark.

You can use a few different modes to run Rosetta Stone. Delay mode allows you to see or hear Spanish words, then after a brief delay, four pictures appear and you choose one. The timer mode allows you a few seconds to select the correct answer, and test mode keeps track of how many exercises you get correct and how many you miss. After you finish, you can see your statistics, and the software tracks all of your progress so that you can clearly see which lessons you have completed and what you scored.

Rosetta Stone connects you with an online community to give you the whole Spanish speaking experience, which is one of the best ways to learn Spanish. You can play games and chat in Spanish with others who are also learning the language. The online tutoring sessions give you one-on-one interaction with a native Spanish-speaking tutor. These teaching tools allow you to use the Spanish words you are learning.

Rosetta Stone does not teach much cultural context of the language, as the best applications in our lineup do. It also does not provide much in the way of dictionaries and translators, mostly because you are supposed to retain and translate the Spanish words yourself. There is a simple index of the Spanish words the application uses in the order it introduces them for you to learn. This is convenient if you want to review the Spanish words later.

The support for Rosetta Stone Spanish is helpful. The FAQs, user manual and tutorials answer the basic questions you may have about the application, including how to navigate the software, though we do not think you will need help there. If you have more technical problems, you can also get technical support via email or phone.

Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish Summary:

Rosetta Stone is so easy that it sounds too good to be true. If you want Spanish dictionaries and grammar rules along with a more traditional approach to learning, this is not the Spanish learning software for you. But if you want an application that teaches Spanish words intuitively and makes retention easy, consider Rosetta Stone.

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Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish 4 TOTALe, Level 1

This software is simple to use, and it includes all the fundamental tools you need to learn Spanish.

The lessons don't offer much in the way of cultural information.

The Verdict:

Rosetta Stone offers an engaging teaching technique, mobile apps and excellent tracking for your language skills progress.