If you want to learn Spanish and you weren't born into a Spanish-speaking family, there are a few ways for you to learn. You could immerse yourself in Spanish television and films, live with a Spanish-speaking family, enroll in classes at a school, hire a tutor or use software designed to teach Spanish. Ouino Spanish Complete is excellent learn Spanish software for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced language students. It runs on Windows and Mac computers. If you are looking for the best program to learn Spanish, Ouino Spanish Complete should be on your short list of candidates.

Ouino does not pretend to understand how you learn best. Everyone learns in a different way. Therefore, unless learning software with a specific educational philosophy happens to match your learning style, you might not learn easily. Fortunately, with Ouino, you can start with any lesson and finish with any lesson. There is no rigid sequence to pursue because your path through the lessons depends on what you need. The software keeps track of your progress so that you can always maintain forward motion toward fluency. Various knowledge-level stars, medals and red ribbons help you to keep track of what you have learned and where you might need to improve before advancing.

For beginners, Ouino teaches basic Spanish: the alphabet, numbers and animals. There are many vocabulary lessons along with regular verbs, pronunciation and basic grammar. You have control over the speed of the lessons, so you can adjust the pace to suit your level. If you are beyond the beginner stage, you will find vocabulary and word lessons to challenge you: pronouns, adjectives and irregular verbs. Whatever your level of learning, Ouino's Spanish courses employ good audio and videos, as wells as useful images. Culture lessons weave in and out of each section. There are also games designed to accelerate learning in fun ways. In order to reinforce your comprehension of masculine and feminine nouns, Ouino's Spanish lessons use a blue font for masculine nouns and a red font for feminine nouns. To enhance even further your understanding of noun gender, every time you hear a masculine noun, it will be spoken by a male speaker. Moreover, every time you hear a feminine noun, a female is the speaker. Ouino Spanish Complete is one of the best Spanish learning software products because the feature set reflects a publisher that understands a thing or two about how humans learn language.

Ease of Use
In addition to having an elegant user interface, other aspects of this product make it easy to learn Spanish. There are English subtitles throughout, and you have control over whether music is on or off during various lessons. You can track your progress. There are stars that you receive for achieving certain knowledge levels, and you earn medals after quizzes. Furthermore, there is a checkmark when you complete the pronunciation section. The learning path is up to you. You can change settings to control pronunciation playback speed and the time in between words. Another thing that contributes to ease of use is that whenever Ouino upgrades the product, you receive the updates at no extra cost.

Help and Support
When you study a new language, you need all the help and support you can get. As you would expect from such a good product, the publisher provides excellent help and support for those who learn to speak Spanish with Ouino. Tutorials, demos, the user manual and frequently asked questions are all well done. You can reach the publisher for direct assistance by telephone or email. Ouino also provides answers to language learning questions on its YouTube channel.

Ouino Spanish Complete Summary:

Ouino's Spanish Complete teaches you to speak Spanish from scratch if you are a beginner. Or you can skip the beginner's material and learn at the intermediate or advanced level. At whichever level you require, you can navigate through the courses in the ways that suite your personality and learning style. The feature set shows deep understanding of how to learn a language, and the product design reflects a sincere desire to make it easy to use.

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Ouino Spanish Complete

Ouino Spanish Complete allows you to learn in the sequence that best fits your learning style.

They don't offer the opportunity to chat online with other students or tutors.

The Verdict
: 9.2/10

Ouino Spanish Complete is among the best learn Spanish software products because it does not impose a philosophy of education but instead surrounds you with a learning environment that allows you to customize the best sequence for you.