If you're learning Spanish to travel, Instant Immersion has lessons for Castilian or Latin American Spanish based on where your journey takes you. The Level 1 program focuses mainly on basic vocabulary for topics like food, numbers, shopping and time. Most of the exercises revolve around flashcards, games and voice recordings, so it is tailored to learners of all types. While you can take this software on the road with you using an Android or iOS tablet, there is no program to use on your smartphone while you travel abroad.

Instant Immersion Spanish software includes multiple lessons and activities that focus heavily on the basics of Spanish. It's easy to use and lessons accommodate different learning styles. However, Instant Immersion Spanish lacks some features like online chat and testing options seen in many Spanish programs. While it builds your Spanish vocabulary, its activities neglect sentence structure and grammar, which are necessary for true fluency.

One of the software's key features is the speech system that tests your pronunciation skills. This tool compares your practice recordings to a prerecorded native speaker. The speech system accurately measures your voice and tells you which words you pronounce incorrectly. You can adjust the difficulty level for the speech recognition as you improve. Instant Immersion Spanish has a progress tracking system that lets you see where you have done well and where you need improvement. This is especially helpful if you're a beginner learning Spanish.

Instant Immersion Spanish has a variety of activities to reinforce lessons. There is no set lesson path to follow, which makes the process interesting and fun. Each lesson has multiple options that play to the strengths of different learning styles and exercise your whole brain. Depending what level you are on, activities include important stand-alone words, common phrases and the correct responses to a variety of questions. Lessons range in topic from simple words to complicated dialogue in a variety of situations. Each level also has practice games to help you retain what you have learned. Each disc comes with a quiz, so you can test your Spanish before moving on to the next level.

Some things missing from this software are online testing and Spanish chat, as well as activities involving sentence structure and grammar. While you can gain a decent vocabulary and an impressive ability to respond to specific situations and questions, you might have problems if you need to construct understandable sentences on the fly. This is a significant drawback if you hope to achieve true fluency.

Instant Immersion offers limited technical support through its parent company, TOPIC S Entertainment. The support page consists of searchable documents. The Instant Immersion website allows you to log a question on the technical support page and receive a list of documents to answer your question. The reference tab in the application itself should take care of any contextual problems you come across as you learn Spanish.

Instant Immersion Spanish Summary:

Instant Immersion Spanish is a good Spanish learning tool, and the bonus discs add greatly to the experience. Another boon is its use of native Spanish speakers who help you understand the proper pronunciation of words. Unfortunately, it lacks some features integral to achieving fluency, like online Spanish chat and tools for learning sentence structure and grammar. This software is good way to build and retain vocabulary but not for learning how to effectively converse in Spanish.

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Instant Immersion Spanish Level 1

You can build your vocabulary in the Spanish dialect of your choice.

Product support is limited to a FAQs page and email.

The Verdict:

If you want to build your Spanish vocabulary fast, this is a good program to check out. However, Instant Immersion neglects Spanish grammar and mechanics in its lessons.