Instant Immersion Spanish is an excellent learn Spanish software product that includes multiple lessons and activities covering an extensive array of topics and focusing heavily on Spanish language fundamentals.

Instant Immersion Spanish is easy to use and provides audio and visual demonstrations, which are quite useful when it comes to learning Spanish or any other new language. Instant Immersion Spanish presents information in a wide variety of ways and because of that, the application can be quite helpful to a number of people who possess different learning styles.

A key feature in Instant Immersion’s success in helping people learn Spanish is its speech system, which permits you to practice the pronunciation of each word or phrase and compare it to the audio teacher. Instant Immersion Spanish does not offer the excellent online chat and testing options that some learn Spanish software provides. However, Instant Immersion Spanish does offer useful audio CD lessons, an interactive DVD and a fun mystery game that requires you to crack a case using only Spanish.

Instant Immersion Spanish does a great job of presenting a variety of activities. Each activity is designed to enhance the language learning process – as each activity reinforces a lesson. It is engaging for any age level because everything is interactive and customizable; there is no set path you must follow, which we found made the process much more interesting and fun. Each lesson has multiple options that play to the strengths of most learning styles and help you better learn Spanish in your own way. Depending on what level you’re on, these options include important stand-alone words, common phrases and the correct response to a variety of questions.

Instant Immersion Spanish offers great features, with an excellent progress tracking system that lets you to see where you have done well, and where you need improvement. From a features standpoint, Instant Immersion offers three bonus discs with enhanced exercises and activities designed to help you further learn Spanish.

Instant Immersion covers all the basics to learn Spanish through a variety of workshops and activities. You can improve your pronunciation with a sophisticated speech recognition program. Another workshop allows you to focus on grammar rules and vocabulary retention.

Instant Immersion comes in a nine-disc set that is broken down into three levels, including three bonus discs. In the first level, you can begin to learn Spanish with picture-word association, matching a Spanish word to a familiar picture. Related to this learning task is the word-match task, where you match an English word to a Spanish one. Another exercise includes placing a vocabulary word in context by filling in the blanks of a sentence.

The second level is dedicated to more advanced phrases and incorporates dialogue between two individuals. In this section, the speech recognition tool will be extremely useful. The third level is similar to the second, but offers more advanced phrases and dialogue to help you learn Spanish.

One of the few things missing from this learn Spanish software is activities involving sentence structure and grammar. While the student will have an impressive ability to respond to situations and questions, and have a decent vocabulary, we found that the ability to construct understandable sentences on the fly might pose problems.

Since Instant Immersion Spanish comes on a set of nine discs, moving through them in a logical order was quite user-friendly. We found it easy to become acclimated to the learning environment and enjoyed the journey.

Instant Immersion Spanish has plenty to offer Spanish students. It uses images, as well as interactive lessons, to ensure you learn Spanish quickly and retain the information longer. Lessons range in topic from simple words such as, “Hola,” to complicated dialogue regarding a variety of situations. Each level also has games so you can practice what you’ve learned thus far. We found this to be a fun and effective way of retaining information, as well as something that would appeal to all age groups.

The speech recognition software included with Instant Immersion Spanish is excellent. The software accurately measures your voice and tells you which words you pronounce incorrectly. You can even adjust the judgment level for the speech recognition to be lenient or strict. This application also uses native Spanish speakers in the lessons so you can hear the difference between your pronunciation and theirs.

This learn Spanish software offers a wide variety of activities and games designed to support retention and maintain interest. Their most elaborate game, “Who Is Oscar Lake?” requires you to interact with native Spanish-speakers in order to solve a mystery. Each disc also comes with a quiz so you can test your Spanish before moving on to the next level.

Instant Immersion offers limited technical support through their parent company TOPICS Entertainment. The support page consists of an assortment of searchable documents. The Instant Immersion website allows you to log a question at the bottom of the technical support page and receive a list of documents to answer your question. Again, with a set of CDs, there isn’t much to go wrong, and there is a reference tab in the application itself that should take care of any contextual problem areas you come across as you learn Spanish.

Instant Immersion Spanish Summary:

Instant Immersion Spanish is a great Spanish learning tool, and we especially liked the bonus discs, which added greatly to the experience. We also really liked the use of native Spanish speakers, so we could understand the proper pronunciation of words. This application has all the essential features we expect from learn Spanish software.

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Instant Immersion Spanish Level 1

Instant Immersion has an impressive speech recognition system.

Instant Immersion does not have online features such as tests or Spanish chat.

The Verdict
: 7.15/10

This software has all the features of a premium Spanish application.